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Sonder | Your Story + Our Story
Sonder is an Americana music-styled band who performs songs that tell stories about life.  Everyone has a story and you need someone to tell that story about your life. Well, we want to tell your story and we want you to be there to hear it every time we step on that stage. Whether the songs we are performing are a cover tune or an original, we want you to connect and instantly have a great feeling.  Memories are powerful and can take you back to that feeling that you had so many years ago or maybe even just yesterday. Music can help you relive some of the best times of your life. Come see us, rock with us, and let us tell your story. 
Meet The Band
Christopher (aka Snowball) loves singing, writing, and performing anything and everything music. He is from Austin, Texas and grew up listening to Christian music when he was young.  As he got older he discovered what music was really out there in the world and started to fall in love with every genre. He learned every instrument possible living next door to a church that his father was the pastor at and stayed up until the early morning hours practicing what he could. Christopher has lived everywhere pursuing music and currently lives in the Northern part of Colorado enjoying working, playing, and living the music life.
 Sonny is from Detroit, Michigan and has met just about every rock and country celebrity out there from back in the day. He plays a wicked bass and has had the priviledge to play in several bands through out his life and play on stage with some big name stars. He enjoys writing songs and being on stage. Sonny is now located in Northern Colorado and enjoys playing music as often as possible. 
Heather can play a mean fiddle and is from Alberdeen, South Dakota. She went to college where she studied Sociology and Psychology. She has been playing fiddle for most of her life and gives lessons where she lives. 
Jesi is from Oakwood, Illinois and has spent most of her life singing and performing in front of people. She grew up influenced by Whitney Houston, Martina McBride, Stevie Knicks, Blondie, and Janis Joplin just to name a few. Jesi has moved across the country in the last few years and settled in Northern Colorado. Writing music about life is something she really enjoys to do in addition to taking pictures and hanging out with her family and friends. 

See You There :)